Welcome Dinner 2015: A Haunting at Southshore

Welcome Dinner 2015: A Haunting at Southshore

The Welcome Dinner is one the most awaited events at the school as the entire Southshore community works hard in organizing it and making it a success!

This year, the A2`s welcomed their juniors by giving them Glow in the Dark bands and Flashing Devil Horns. The entrance led to not just any haunted hut, but a darkly delightful and horror-filled scene of ghosts, skulls, skeletons, dismembered limbs and much more that sent chills up the spine of everyone who passed through.

The evening provided an excellent opportunity for the A2`s to mingle with their new peers outside of an academic environment. As the night progressed, students were drawn to the dance floor. With the music roaring and the dancers moving to the beat, everyone was having a great time.

The Welcome Dinner concluded with delectable food. No doubt this was an event that will always be remembered and cherished by all.

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