Titans Basketball League ’14

Titans Basketball League ’14

Shooting hoops was never as much fun!

Fourteen teams – ten boys’ teams and four girls’ teams – battled it out on the basketball court, each with only one end in sight: the big win! We watched with bated breath as each qualifying round eliminated some favourites, while others moved to the next round at the first-ever Southshore Titans Basketball League.

Twenty six matches later, we were down to the semi-finals. Two semi-final matches took place between the boys teams: Blazers vs. Nitro, and Fury vs. Storm. With intense competition and great shots on all sides, it came down to Blazers vs. Storm in the final match for the boys. In a nail-biting finale, the Blazers grabbed the gold, with a 6-point lead. Meanwhile, the girls’ teams played with equal, if not more, fervor: the Cyclones played against the Bombers in a hard-hitting final, eventually emerging victorious with a 20-point lead! Congratulations to both the winning teams, and kudos to all the participants – way to win, Titans!

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