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Syed Taha HasnainThe main benefit of my two years at Southshore was that it offered me an environment that was very collaborative and where everyone was keen to work towards the common goal of doing the best for the students. I was able to work towards and achieve the ultimate goal of getting a straight A’s in A-level examinations in subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English while also playing sports, socializing and pursuing other interests through the learning module program.

This enabled me to get a partial scholarship to the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom where I did a BSc. (Hons.) in Mathematics with Financial Mathematics, followed by a MSc. in Risk Management and Financial Engineering from Imperial College Business School.

After four successful years at University, I started working in the investment management industry and am currently working as a Junior Portfolio Manager at Dimensional Fund Advisors looking after assets under management in excess of 3 Billion USD. My current role requires a high degree of responsibility as I am helping people grow their investments and achieve their financial goals and my two years at Southshore had a major contribution in instilling in me a greater sense of responsibility, which turned out to be very beneficial for my future career.


Choosing Southshore was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since I was going to be a part of the first ever batch at Southshore, just like all the prospective students at that time I was also a bit hesitant about what it would be like. But trust me that feeling vanished as soon as I stepped into that building. To all the prospective students, who today are in the same position where I was 13 years ago, I would say, go for it! Do not think twice, because you definitely will not regret your decision in choosing this family like school.

It was Southshore which changed the whole idea of how exactly A Level education should be provided. Remember, a school is not only about just going to classes, participating in some sport activities, socializing and coming back home. Any school can provide good education and carry out the same curricular activities like cricket, soccer, basketball and all. But Southshore added more to that. It came up with so many different concepts. I remember at that time many people had doubts about this school lasting long in the market. According to that group of thought, it had got too much going on that would cause the focus to deviate from providing quality education to such activities.

But just in case you guys are missing out on something, let me highlight it for you! Every school is now incorporating all those concepts and activities, which were introduced by Southshore in 2004. Yes, we are the pioneers of evolving the way A Level education should be provided! And when I say we, I feel proud to be a part of this system and you will only understand this feeling once you become a part of it too!

After graduating from Southshore, I went on to pursue my bachelors degree from the University of Nottingham (Malayia Campus) followed by a masters degree from The university of Nottingham (China Campus). Yes, I don’t know if you have noticed but if you go back and consider taking these decisions at that time, they were nothing but taking risks since these institutions were not even close to receiving popular choice awards.

Nonetheless, I can proudly say that I have made some good decisions in my life. Today, by the grace of God, I am a successful businessman in the field of metal and progressing at every step that I take! This is not pride but its simple confidence that you gain after taking risks even if they work out for you or not. And my first risk, which worked out for the best was choosing Southshore!


Southshore was the least viable option for me. I just applied and somehow when I did get in is when I seriously thought about attending. And I think I have been fortunate with that decision. Without sounding presumptuous, I can say that my name was echoed across school (albeit not for the best of reasons at times) and although our school was small at that time much to our delight, at least my faculty knew me almost personally. My perfect AS Level grades were a stepping stone to a solid educational base in my A Levels and allowed me to consider many options for university.

Sir Raheel helped me to finalize my list for prospective colleges and strongly recommended me to attend St Andrews in the UK which turned out to be, and continues to be, one of the most significant decisions of my life. I finished Southshore in 2008 and in 2009 went to study Economics at St Andrews because I had greatly enjoyed the subject at school with Sir Khayyam. However, soon I fell in love with Philosophy and graduated with an MA Honors in Philosophy in 2013.

Although I found good jobs, I realized that they were not for me; academia was my truly calling, or at least that’s what I felt like. I got an opportunity to work at Habib University in academic administration and by that time I already knew I wanted to take it a step further. I started looking into graduate schools for humanities, did some preparation and I got some offers for a PhD at USC, Oregon and UT Austin. In the Fall of 2016, I chose to attend the PhD program in Comparative Literature, Philosophy and Cultural Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. I just finished my first year here and although it is stressful, it is great and it is exactly what I wished to do and could see my doing till I am alive.

I could safely say that the one decision of chosing Southshore, gave my life a trajectory where it at present moves. Things may have been different, for better or worse as life is, but it would not have been this, but as it stands, I suppose this much is enough!

srkI came to Southshore as a shy 16 year old boy. Two years later, I stepped out as a confident young fellow, ready to pursue his life goals. No one would have thought that this quiet guy will someday end up controlling air traffic at the busiest of Airports in Pakistan.

I clearly remember the first day at Southshore. My stomach churning with a mixture of excitement and nervousness, at the same time, waiting to see what the next two years had in store for me. The campus was small but the teachers and the staff members were very welcoming. Like most of the new students, I didn’t know anyone at that time. But within the first few hours, I began feeling as if I was a part of some friendly community.

Sir Raheel and all the teachers supported and showed steady belief in my academic potential – and that made a huge difference in my life. It was because of this undeviating support that I excelled in studies and ended up with exceptional grades as well as awards for the best performance in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, not to mention The Faculty Award.

Following A-Levels, I graduated with B.Eng. in Automotive Engineering from NED University in 2011, where I was fortunate enough to be a part of Pakistan’s first ever mini formula race car project. Unlike anything ever done before, we designed, fabricated and assembled a small scale formula race car to compete internationally.

After graduating from NED University, I tested my knowledge and skills in different Industries. From working at a Swedish Bearing manufacturing company, to even teaching at leading O-Level schools, nothing satisfied the craving to do something thrilling until I started working as an Air Traffic Controller at JIAP. My duty here is to ensure safe operation of aircrafts at and around the airport. That includes aircrafts on the taxiways and runways; as well as traffic in the air and vehicles on and around the runways.

To sum it up, Southshore was like a second home to me. I don’t know who I would be if I wasn’t a Southshorian. Thank you, Sir Raheel for being a mentor and a counselor. I will cherish all those advice-giving and fun-filled moments we shared. And lastly, thank you Southshore, for pushing me to grow and helping me become better at almost everything.

Haris-QandhariMy life at Southshore was quite a dramatic journey. Let’s just say Southshore knew how to keep me busy; on many occasions I was the last to leave school for home! I was affiliated with almost every society: Public Speaking, Drama, Publications, Sports, Community Service and Academic! Besides the aforementioned, I was entrusted with multiple responsibilities including being the founding member and Secretary General of the Rotary Interact Club at Southshore in my first year; and in senior year I was given the honor of serving as the President of the Student Council!

I started out wanting to try my hand at entrepreneurship, but today, my aim is to someday serve as an Ambassador for Pakistan in the United Nations. My ultimate goal in life being elected as the Secretary General of the United Nations – it’s a long, long shot, but it is worth dreaming about! Being at Southshore clearly changed my life for the better. Not only have I changed as a person, but the guidance I received at Southshore allowed me to dream bigger!

At school, I had the fatherly concern of Sir Parker, someone who had a large role to play in making me who I am today. Then there was Miss Zenab, who inspired me to learn about the world so that I could carry out a conversation of substance. With Amjad bhai and Rizwan bhai, I never went hungry or without a smile every single day! And last, but never the least, was Sir Raheel, who has influenced my life like nobody else. There were times when he was angry with me and times when he placed an immense amount of trust in me. I believe that his counseling and guidance helped me improve as a person. I have the utmost respect and love for all of these brilliant people!

Although I cherished every day and every moment at school, becoming President of the Student Council, and winning the Drama Competition twice, as well as Best Delegate at LUMUN and School Spirit Award are in my “Top Five Fondest memories”! On top of that list however is Graduation 2013, when I was unexpectedly called on stage to deliver a speech as the President of the Student Council.

After graduating from Southshore, I was accepted at Leiden University College (LUC), at The Hague in the Netherlands. Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, with World Politics as my major, Entrepreneurship as my minor and German and Russian (or Arabic – can’t decide!) as additional Languages.   To conclude, I will just say that I was and still am a true Southshore Titan at heart. I was true to myself, putting my best effort into whatever I did, making sure that I accomplished my goals. I was honest with everyone and tried to treat everyone around me as I would like to be treated myself. I believe these are the attributes of a Southshore Titan and I have tried my best to remain committed to these values. 

Alina Khawaja

Selecting a perfect educational platform for my A Level studies was one of the biggest decisions I had made at the age of 16. I had various options to apply to, but one of my friends suggested Southshore. To be very honest, being termed as an alumni of Southshore seemed very cool for a 16 year old like me.

The day I visited the campus and took a tour around it was like an arrow hitting the apple; bam this was it! The wonderful and welcoming people of the administration were like a cherry on the pie. And yes, the amazing faculty – my teachers, mentors, counsellors; groomed me so well that right after graduation I got my first job to work with Phegency (Geo A&B production house) and participated in several art exhibitions, displaying my portfolio pieces made with Mrs. Nayyar Jamil at Southshore.

Nonetheless, Southshore also helped to get into my dream university, the Indus Valley School for Art and Architecture. I am the only person in the batch of 2019 to be from Southshore!

Being a Titan changed my life 360 degrees. Coming in as a shy, introverted person and graduating as an independent, social, hardworking, athletic and an artistic person is an enormous change.

I would wholeheartedly thank my teachers, peers and Mr. Raheel Masood for giving me a chance to be a part of the Titan clan! Due to their motivation, I am passionately climbing the ladder of success in my life!

Alina Khawaja
Member of the Southshore Student Council, 2015.

Danial-NaqiSouthshore was an experience that will last a life time. It had the perfect blend of academics and extracurricular activities. I made many friends and passed out with good grades. At Southshore, sports made me stand out. I was Captain of the school football team and also the best at cricket. Clearly, my time at Southshore was dominated by studies and sports. My secret to success was that I was friendly to everyone, be it faculty or students, and worked hard at everything I took on. My positive image helped me get out of tricky situations and also to take on leadership positions. If I were to come back I would certainly make more of an effort to run for President of the Student Council. Now when I look back, I realize I could have done much more to present myself as a suitable candidate!

It makes me smile when I recall my usual activities which included hanging out with friends during break time, attending classes or fooling around in Sir Parker’s office. However amongst a number of fond memories I would pick two as the most special to me. First, it was when the Principal, Sir Raheel, acknowledged my contributions as a sportsman, and called me on stage during Prom Night to present me with the award for Best Sportsman. His speech highlighted my importance to him and the school. The second is of playing the final of the Karachi United tournament. Success in this tournament is the main aim of every school football team. Before we had played the final, Southshore’s previous teams had not even qualified for this tournament. The greatest feeling was when I was called out to receive the runners up trophy and later won the People’s Choice award for best player.

After graduating from Southshore, I took the next big step, University! My main subjects at Southshore were Economics and Business Studies, but I went for a different major in college. I was fortunate enough to get accepted to the University of Waterloo, and thus travelled towards the freezing lands of Canada. As I write this, I am in the final semester of my undergraduate degree, and hope to obtain a master’s degree from the United Kingdom and pursue a career in management consultancy. At this time, I can easily say that I made the right decision to complete my undergraduate degree in Canada, and this would not have happened without the guidance of Mr. Masood and the other counselors.

Southshore taught me to be tolerant and friendly with people from different schools and backgrounds. The school taught me that education should be the utmost priority but other facets of life should not be forgotten. As I said earlier, Southshore has the perfect blend of all ingredients required to have a solid foundation before university life. It has qualified and caring teachers and provides many platforms for students to enhance their leadership skills and personal qualities. Thus, it helped shape who I am today.

I joined Southshore in September 2008. I had an incredible two years and can attribute that to the environment that has been created at the school by the staff, teachers and the students themselves.

Southshore allowed me to balance my academic and social life and develop skills beyond the classroom. In my first year, I represented Southshore in debate, LUMUN (LUMS Model United Nations), the Karachi Boat Club Regatta and in declamation contests at the national level, all while serving as Assistant Editor for the school newspaper, The Bellpepper. In my second year, I was appointed Vice President of the Student Council and President of the Publications Society. All of this entailed hard work but, combined with other activities I continued to be involved with, it was a truly enjoyable experience.

When choosing universities, I did not want to follow a trodden path, and to complicate things, I had not decided on a course of study. My academic aspirations and hobbies/activities have always been very varied. As a result, I was not particularly interested in the United Kingdom – despite having family and friends there, I did not want to specialize to such an extent right away. I was extremely interested in the Unites States, especially since I am an American citizen but drawbacks included the length of the programs available and the sheer distance from home.

I stumbled across a university in the Netherlands called Universiteit Leiden (Leiden University), which sparked my curiosity in mainland Europe. Many of them had a prerequisite for the local vernacular, and were not very well ranked. Leiden was highly ranked, even above some well-known universities in England. As I researched, I found a course, fully taught in English, which would be held at Leiden University College The Hague – a Liberal Arts and Sciences course, only three years long, with a focus on ‘Global Challenges’. It receives great support from Leiden, the Swiss government and the municipality. As a result, we have great opportunities academically and in society. We are affiliated with major world universities, giving us an advantage for further studies, and renowned scholars as lecturers. Now that I am here, I see that the subjects, rather than being frivolous and broad-based as many would assume, concentrate on how to apply skills only taught in theory in courses elsewhere. I am able to study things like International Politics, Comparative Worldviews, along with Mathematics, Economics, and Sustainability. These courses teach us how to improve the world politically as well as how to safeguard our environment and prevent the downward spiral climate change has entered.

I came here to have a different college experience. I have also been able to travel extensively around Europe and have experiences that I feel I would not be able to have if I was in England (as the channel, though narrow, draws a clear border with the EU) or in the United States (travel for miles and you will see the same thing). This is not to demean the college experience in any other country. I just feel that I discovered the university that overall suits me the best.

This summer, I intend to travel parts of the sub-continent with a Dutch friend of mine. He has been all over the world, including Iraq. We will meet up in India and travel to Karachi by land. We plan to travel north by train, stopping at places of interest but the bulk of our time will be spent in the northern regions like Swat and Baltistan. Finally, since we will be near the Khunjerab Pass, we plan on taking the Karakoram Highway till Kashgar in China.

After a year at university, I still do not have solid future plans. By my second year, I will have to specialize a little more for my major and, hopefully, this will give me direction. Regardless I plant to get some work experience and do a masters degree after I complete my bachelors. I feel that though an overall goal needs to be kept in mind, a final professional life need not be decided so early in my college career. I am going to take my time and find what it is that I would truly love to do with the rest of my life.

A group of us celebrating someone’s birthday, fights over the Foosball table and sharing the canteen daily special with friends – these are all just memories now. I can certainly say that there is not a single day when I don’t miss my school life. Southshore was a second home to me, where I received a great A-Level education, learnt important lessons outside the classroom and made lifelong friends. I often came to school at 8:00 am and didn’t leave until 7:00 pm! There was magic at Southshore which encouraged every individual to get involved in the school in some way, through sports, Learning Modules or extracurricular activities of their own interest.

I had the opportunity to serve as a member of Student Council and Society Coordinator along with other distinguished leadership positions during my senior year. This encouraged me to work hard and with more determination. I enjoyed organizing events and representing Southshore at events like LUMUN (LUMS Model United Nations), Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Summit, drama competitions, football tournaments and the International School Educational Olympiad. And my hard work was always recognized – on the last day of school, I was included in the privileged list of Titans who have been awarded the “School Spirit Award”.

Southshore was an unforgettable experience. It taught me how to appreciate competition and teamwork, the importance of success and failure, the significance of both personal and professional relationships and that it is imperative to make the most of opportunities you are given. Southshore gave me the chance to discover my talents and interact with people with similar interests and new ideas.

Currently, I am reading Business Management with Leadership at University of Exeter, UK. Exeter has been a different experience altogether, though I have been an involved as I was at Southshore. Earlier in the year, I was selected to represent my course on the Student Staff Liaison Committee and elected as General Secretary of International Society, Secretary of South Asian Society and Promotion Head of ExMUN (Exeter Model United Nations). Being a part of the MUN team, I have attended conferences at Oxford and Cambridge. And I wish achieve much more in the two years ahead of me.

I intend to work for my father’s business over the summer as I have been doing since the 10th grade and I plan on taking an internship to enhance my experience. My long term plans are to finish my higher education and pursue my career as a businessman. Ultimately, I wish to enter into politics and serve my country.

Being a part of Southshore enabled me to improve my leadership and communications skills. Today I am a highly confident, dedicated and ambitious individual with the ability to make my dreams a reality. I thank the Class of 2010 and Southshore for making me the person I am today. ALWAYS PROUD TO BE TITAN!


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