Applying to the UK

Applying to the U.K. is done primarily through the UCAS online system but some universities may also accept direct applications from candidates.

Candidates are encouraged to use the UCAS website extensively as it offers comprehensive assistance and information about the university/course selection process as well as the application process.

Please remember that counselors and school publications are there to guide you through the application process.

Here is a suggested set of steps that you may follow to apply through UCAS:

1. Research universities and available courses

2. Shortlist five universities where you wish to apply

3. Determine when you should start your application

4. Set up a UCAS account at*

5. Link the account to your school using the selected buzzword

6. Complete the UCAS online form

7. Pay for your UCAS application online using a credit card

8. Submit your UCAS application to your counselor

9. Review any university offers that you receive using the UCAS Track system

10. Reply to all university offers

11. Use Extra to apply to additional universities (if necessary)

12. After the final CIE results, confirm admission to your university

13. If necessary, look for alternative offers through Clearing

14. Once your university choice is finalized, begin the U.K. visa process

15. Get ready for university

For additional information please refer to the Applying to the UK PDF document. 

*Please be aware that UCAS will be changing its Tariff points. The changes will be effective for candidates applying to the UK for the September 2017 session. 

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