Applying to the Middle East

In the Middle East, there are a diverse array of universities with different application procedures, fee structures, courses and degree and non degree programs offered with their own individual requirements.

Careful individual research is required on the part of the applicant in order to find the most suitable program in this region.

In the last few years, there has been a large amount of investment in educational institutions in the Middle East, which has attracted the involvement of world class colleges and universities from across the globe and as a result has drawn a lot of interest from students. These institutions offer education of international standards in an environment where their cultural, traditional and religious norms are very clearly defined. The expectations of these institutions are that students will conform to these norms while they stay there. Hence students from Pakistan adjust and adapt easily to this new environment.

There is no perfect formula to getting the search process right. However, trust your instincts and research, and you will surely make a good choice. It is a process of elimination, weighing options, and long hours of thought.

Here is a suggested set of steps that you may follow to apply:

1. Research universities and available courses using the internet or publications

2. Check requirements such as deadlines, essays, testing and documents

3. Many universities require SAT I and often SAT II Subject Tests / TOEFL so register for the appropriate testing.

4. Shortlist five to six universities where you wish to apply based on criteria that are important to you (location, cost, academics, scholarships and more)

5. Early Decision vs. Early Action vs. Regular.

6. Recommendations and supporting documents

7. Essays and personal statements

8. Financial Aid forms and documents (if applicable)

9. Admissions Decisions and Responses

10. Once your university choice is finalized, begin the U.S.A. visa process

11. Get ready for university

For additional information please refer to the Applying to the Middle East PDF document.

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