Applying to Canada

The process through which students apply to Canadian universities will differ depending on where those universities are located.

While students apply directly to most universities in Canada, those that are located in the province of Ontario (such as York, Ryerson, University of Toronto, Queen’s, etc.) have their own separate centralized system for processing applications. Students applying to universities in Ontario will apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC).

What is the OUAC?
The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) processes undergraduate and professional applications for admissions to the province’s universities. Students applying to Canadian universities in Ontario province will apply through the OUAC website.

Here is a suggested set of steps that you may follow to apply to Canadian universities:

1. Research universities and available courses

2. Shortlist universities where you wish to apply
3. Determine whether any of your universities are applied to through OUAC

4. If YES, then follow these steps to apply through OUAC:

  • a. Complete the OUAC form online (or download a paper form)
  • b. Forward supporting documentation to your universities
  • c. Reply to all university offers
  • d. Use the Acknowledgement/Amendment Form to apply to additional universities (if necessary)

5. If NO, then follow these steps to apply to Canadian universities directly:

  • a. Check requirements such as deadlines, essays, testing and documents
  • b. Recommendations and supporting documents
  • c. Essays and Personal Statements
  • d. Financial Aid forms and documents (if applicable)
  • e. Admissions Decisions and Responses

6. Begin the Canada visa process

7. Get ready for university

For additional information please refer to the Applying to Canada PDF document.

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