Applying to Asia Pacific

This section provides information on universities and application procedures in East Asia and Australasia along with some guidance about visa processes in these areas.

Information which is not specific to this region (choosing a course and a university, writing a personal statement, registering for the SAT, etc.) can be found in the sections on Applying to the USA and Applying to the UK.

Please remember that counsellors and institutional publications available online and at school are there to guide you through the application process.

Financial aid for international students is not generally offered in the Asia Pacific region, but a few scholarships may be available. Check the institutional websites for details of any scholarships for which you may be eligible.

While some application requirements are given in this section, remember it is your responsibility to check the requirements for the universities to which you are applying and to ensure that these are met and all necessary documents are sent.

For additional information please refer to the Applying to East Asia and Applying to Australia & New Zealand PDF documents.

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