Student Counseling

From the moment they enroll at Southshore, students are assigned a Counselor who assists the student in all academic matters.

Counselors help students determine which A-Level subjects to choose, monitor their academic progress, help plan their future course of studies, assist them with the daunting task of applying to university and help with whatever else a student may need during their time at Southshore.

Students may make an appointment to see their counselors on issues ranging from college applications to career advice to personal problems.

Just as our faculty create a student-centric learning environment, our counseling staff foster active and open-minded collaboration with students and parents. While students are assigned to a counselor, they are encouraged and free to go to anyone on our counseling staff or to faculty members, who also serve as an invaluable source of guidance.

Our counselors help students identify their goals and interests, achieve their full potential both within and outside the classroom and make well-informed, confident decisions about higher education. Ultimately, we believe that the student is the best person to select an institution of higher education for themselves, with guidance and input from their parents, faculty and counselors. The college selection process is both an exciting and intimidating time for our students. Success is most often achieved when students, parents and counselors are connected, cooperative and committed to a mutually agreeable final goal.

As a first step in the college application process, students and parents are encouraged to review the important information presented in Choosing the Right College (PDF).

Click below to view details about applying to your chosen region:

  • Abeera Khan B.A. Communication Design (Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture)
  • Ahad Dada B.Sc. (Hons) Human Biology, Economics & Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (University of Toronto)
  • Ariba Dara M.B.A. (in progress), B.SS. (SZABIST)
  • Madiha Saeed B.Sc. Economics & Finance, M.B.A. (Institute of Business Management)
  • Maryam Mehboob B.A. (Hons), M.A. International Relations (Karachi University)
  • Raheel Masood B.Sc. Economics (Allegeheny College), M.B.A. Marketing & Market Research (The American University)
  • Sarah Ovais LLB (Hons) (King’s College), Bar Examinations (National University of Singapore)
  • Syeda Sehlah Arif B.Sc. (Hons) Business Administration (Greenwich University), M.Sc. Marketing Management (University of Surrey)
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