The Academic Society seeks to fulfill the educational needs of students beyond the classroom. It focuses on events and activities that directly complement the academic lives of Southshore students by organizing educational movies, guest lecturers, academic field trips and the annual Southshore Quiz Competition.
The Art & Fashion Society is responsible for promoting artistic talent at Southshore. Competitions, exhibitions and visits to art galleries and some ways in which art is encouraged on campus. The annual Southshore Fashion Show allows student designers to present their artistic vision to the audience, modeled by their peers.
One of the oldest and most active societies at Southshore, the Community Service Society aims to galvanize the student body into being socially responsible citizen and helping those less fortunate through fundraising, charity events and volunteer work. Society members regularly take time out from their busy schedules to volunteer their services at local welfare institutions such as AURA, Dar-ul-Sakoon and Pukaar.
From acting and directing to writing and producing, the Drama Society is responsible for promoting the dramatic arts at Southshore. The society is responsible for organizing the annual Drama & Music Festival and creating short plays for participation in citywide drama competitions.
The Music Society is composed of like-minded, soulful individuals who are responsible for organizing musical events at Southshore. Members include those who sing, play, or are interesting in learning how to play, a musical instrument or simply have an appreciation for music. Students meet for jam sessions, in-school performances or to compete in inter-school music competitions.
One of the most active societies on campus, the Photography Society captures important moments in the life of Southshore students and covers all school events, both on and off campus. From social and sports events to academic lectures and community service, members of this society ensure that everything “Southshore” is documented in school publications.
The Publications Society is responsible for preserving Southshore memories through school publications, such as the Bellpepper, our quarterly newspaper and Rewind, our annual yearbook.
This Society offers students the opportunity to benefit from technical skill support and feedback that aims to continuously improve their innate public speaking abilities. Members participate in local and national Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, debate competitions and elocution contests.
Southshore was the first educational institution in Karachi to form a school-based Interact club, sponsored by the Sunset Millennium Rotary Club, Karachi. The Rotary Society/ Interact Club is dedicated to community service through its parent Rotary Club.