Southshore’s Inaugural Blood Drive

Southshore’s Inaugural Blood Drive

Donating blood is a simple action that can be the difference between life and death for someone in need.

Southshore held its inaugural Blood Drive on 20th and 21st March 2014 in collaboration with the Indus Hospital. Students and parents from Southshore as well as its founding schools, Bay View Academy and Froebel Education Centre participated in the event. Indus Hospital’s doctors and the Southshore faculty and staff organized the Blood Drive. All equipment and technical expertise was provided by Indus Hospital, while school staff assisted with promotion, registration and on-site management. Thank you to all the donors and the people who supported the event with their generous contributions!

See images of the Blood Drive below:

Donor4 Press-Coverage Donor1 RoomView PreDonorCheck Donor2 Donor3

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