The Southshore Mobile Phone Policy has been revised for the academic year (2017-18) to allow limited use of phones on campus.

Southshore strongly prefers that students do not bring mobile phones to school for any reason at all. However, students may bring their mobile phones to school if they adhere to the following conditions:

1. Mobile phones may only be used within the designated mobile zones: the basketball court area that is cordoned off by the netting, common room and recreation room.

2. Before you exit a designated mobile zone, your mobile phone must be turned off (not silent) and put in your school bag, purse or pocket. You may not carry it in your hand outside the designated mobile zones.

3. Under no circumstances, must a mobile phone be turned on or used in any way while a student is in the school building except in the common room and the recreation room.

4. Any student found using a mobile phone, other than the permitted mobile zones, in any fashion (phone call, sms, music, alarm, photography, file exchange, web browsing or any other use) will be in violation of the mobile phone policy.

5. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their mobile phone is not misplaced. Southshore will accept no liability for any mobile phone.

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