ShoreMUN 2015: A record breaking conference!

ShoreMUN 2015: A record breaking conference!

The Southshore School for A-Level Studies hosted its fifth annual Model United Nations (MUN) conference for O-Level students on October 3rd and 4th 2015. Two rigorous training sessions prior to the conference were held where all participating delegates, most of them first timers, were briefed on the rules of procedure and topics of their respective committees.

With over 204 delegates from 14 participating schools and 5 committees, this was the largest conference in ShoreMUN history. The conference highlighted topics of increasing relevance on the world stage today: The Syrian Crisis and the rise of ISIS; Safeguarding human rights in cyber space; the role of drones in modern warfare and protecting human rights in China.

Delegates participated in five challenging and crucial committees of the United Nations General Assembly:

  • DISEC – Disarmament and International Security Committee
  • SPECPOL – Special Political and Decolonization Committee
  • UNHRC – United Nations Human Rights Council
  • UNHCR – United Nations High Commission Refugees
  • SOCHUM – Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee

ShoreMUN 2015 brought together talented students from 14 O-Level schools located in different parts of the city, creating an exciting platform for students to exchange views on various topics issues, domestic and foreign.

Every student who attended ShoreMUN 2015 contributed significantly to the success of the conference. Some delegates were given Honorable Mentions in each committee for their contributions to the discussion. Those delegates who performed exceptionally well were recognized with Best Delegate awards that were announced by the Committee Directors at the closing ceremony.

Many of the delegates from the Indus Academy performed extremely well and their team deservingly won the award for Best Delegation at ShoreMUN 2015.

ShoreMUN 2015 Pictures

Best Delegates
Committee Country Name School
UNHCR France Ferizeh Fatima Indus Academy
UNHCR Germany Shahzar Moazzam The CAS School
DISEC Bosnia Noor ul Huda Indus Academy
DISEC Afghanistan Binyameen Noor River Oaks Academy
SPECPOL France Reham Aslam Indus Academy
SPECPOL India Owais Siddiqui Haque Academy
SPECPOL Pakistan Ayla Siddiqui Convent of Jesus & Mary
SOCHUM Botswana Ammaar Amir Indus Academy
SOCHUM USA Sarah Aslam Haque Academy
UNHRC Bosnai Muhammad Rameez St. Paul’s
UNHRC Germany Eman Ansari Haque Academy
Honorable Mentions
Committee Country Name School
UNHCR Denmark Fatima Faisal Indus Academy
UNHCR Indonesia Shehryar Ahmed Bay View Academy
UNHCR Mexico Turan Yousufzai The International School
DISEC Luxembourg Rubia Ali The City School
DISEC Austria Vivek Madan St. Paul’s
DISEC Bahrain Taha Malik St. Paul’s
SPECPOL Cuba Salaar Maniar Indus Academy
SPECPOL Hong Kong Ariba Fatima Haque Academy
SOCHUM Ethiopia Furqan Ali The International School
SOCHUM Congo Rafaeel Abbasi Bay View Academy
SOCHUM Canada Waleed Effendi The CAS School
SOCHUM Russia Maya Razvi Bay View Academy
UNHRC Denmark Zain Mevawalla Indus Academy
UNHRC Hong Kong Malaika Khan Haque Academy
UNHRC Brazil Uzair Uddin St. Paul’s


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