Senior Day – Rang Barsay!

Senior Day – Rang Barsay!

The Titans ended the year with a burst of color!

As per tradition, this year’s Senior Day saw the graduating class engage in a colorful battle with their juniors! Arriving on camels and horses accompanied by sirens, horns and loud music, the A2s made quite an entrance – only to be greeted by a volley of colorful water sprays courtesy the A1s. The A2s lost no time in arming themselves with water guns, sprays and even buckets, quickly exacting their revenge. After over an hour of drenching each other in vibrant hues of pink, orange and blue, our Titans realized that they had worked up quite an appetite. And of course, there was scrumptious food awaiting them – Southshore style fresh halwa poori! All in all, it was a day that will be fondly remembered by all.

View images of the event below:

Entrance Attack! Return Fire! Fire Away! Girl Squad Rang Barsay Buggy Boy Terrific Titans!Multicolored Joy Cooling Off

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