The seminars offered at Southshore are short, ungraded courses that may span a single session or many days and take place at different times of the school year. Students sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis for seminars in their areas of interest.

This seminar is a lecture, research and discussion-based course that provides students with an opportunity to explore social change and conflicts in the modern world.
In this seminar students are exposed to English poetry not only for its artistic impact but also as an expression of their emotions and perceptions, as well as the philosophy and ethos of the times. Students then write their own poetry over a period of several weeks. Selected poems are published in Apprentices & Wordsmiths, a Southshore publication.
This seminar allows students to learn about journalism as a profession and a possible career. Students learn the basics of journalism, from theory and practice, to field visits and writing short news reports.
This seminar introduces students to elements of music. Using the guitar and the keyboard, students create their own music. They are also familiarized with Urdu poetry and eastern music and receive vocal training assisted by teachers on the harmonium and tabla. The seminar concludes with a formal performance by students.
This seminar provides students with hands-on experience of urban agricultural practices. Students visit the Sungold Organic Farm in Malir every alternate Saturday, where, on a two-acre plot of farmland, they grow their own vegetables.
This seminar provides students an opportunity to explore Sufism as a philosophy and as a spiritual belief. Through field trips and discussions, students are exposed to sufi music and poetry, saints and shrines, as well as different sufi traditions and rituals.
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