Learning Modules and Foreign Languages

Learning Modules are an integral part of the Programme of Studies offered at Southshore and are an essential element of a comprehensive educational experience designed to expand the horizons of our students by exposing them to coursework beyond the usual set of A-Level subjects.

The Learning Modules allow Southshore students to explore areas of personal interest under the instruction of successful professionals in the particular field. Students are able to gain insight for future educational and career options, interact with the wider community and, in some cases, have the opportunity to publish their work such as photographs, poetry, short stories, essays and more.

At Southshore, we believe the Learning Modules provide a challenging environment for personal growth, learning and enjoyment. Given our emphasis on a well-rounded education, a student’s achievements through the Learning Modules are recognized and rewarded through Special Commendations at graduation and preferential consideration for leadership opportunities, external events, internships and Southshore graduation awards.


(A different selection of the listed courses is offered every year).

Aimed towards opening the minds of students towards creativity, understanding and innovation. Students gain exposure to basic drawing and painting as well as the benefit of acquiring a new skill set that they can use throughout their lives.
The module on Communications Training introduces students to discussion and debate on current issues, moving on to debate formats and developing communications skills.
Explores elements of prose fiction, including plot, structure and character building, through analysis of published fiction, class discussion and short writing exercises. Methods of dealing with writer’s block and inspiration seeking are also addressed.
This module introduces students to graphic design intended to communicate information through analog and digital media. Students apply aesthetic sensibilities to their work using modern computer tools.
A comprehensive tour of the world of film making that allows students to find their particular area of interest within the broader definition of film making, culminating in the production of their very own short film.
An introduction to conversational French. Students will become acquainted with the basics of the language while simultaneously gaining exposure to the culture from which it springs. Students that successfully pass French 1 can continue to the next level, which is also offered. Southshore has also offered German, Italian and Spanish in the past.
The German language course helps students to understand and use familiar, everyday expressions. At the end of the two years, students are able to converse and communicate in simple German.
The Spanish language course, with emphasis on listening, reading and speaking, is designed for students to develop simple spoken and written Spanish.
This module provides students with comprehensive training in horse riding. Students learn to understand and control horses as well as to take care of them.
Students are taught how to play golf and, through the game, the module teaches values such as honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, confidence, perseverance and courtesy.
This module allows students to learn about journalism as a profession and a possible career. Students learn the basics of journalism, from theory and practice, to field visits and writing short news reports.
A simulation of the United Nations which aims at educating participants about international issues, including environmental concerns, peacekeeping and socio-economic problems faced by various countries. While preparing for national MUN conferences, students improve skills of public speaking, negotiation, debate, critical thinking, group work and awareness of global issues.
Movement & Expression integrates the art of movement and dance to express inner creativity and energy in a social way. Students are introduced to the language of body movement that fosters communication skills, personality, self-esteem, leadership and self-control. They also learn various movement genres and are encouraged to participate in art festivities within the community.
This module introduces students to elements of music. Using the guitar and the keyboard, students create their own music. They are also familiarized with Urdu poetry and eastern music and receive vocal training assisted by teachers on the harmonium and tabla. The seminar concludes with a formal performance by students.
This module provides students with hands-on experience of urban agricultural practices. Students visit the Sungold Organic Farm in Malir every alternate Saturday, where, on a two-acre plot of farmland, they grow their own vegetables.
Exploring the art of photography, students will have the chance to learn and experiment with different techniques and explore different aesthetics. Outdoor shoots and field trips are part of the module. Southshore offers classes in both beginners and intermediate photography.
The ultimate goal, beyond exposure to poetry, is to have students produce original poems that will be published as a demonstration of their effort and talent. There will be exposure to both poetry and poetic prose.
A fitness-based approach to yoga, it combines traditional yoga with dynamic exercise that places demand on all muscles, boosting circulation and muscle tone. It enhances strength, stamina and flexibility while relieving stress and anxiety.
Develops the ability to speak effectively in a convincing, confident and concise style in a variety of public speaking situations. Teaches students how to keep an audience focused on the speaker and their message. It sharpens public speaking skills by preparing, rehearsing and integrating personalized feedback.
Provides healthy exercise and the opportunity to participate in an exciting and challenging sport. Students who display skill and dedication will be able to compete and represent Southshore in regattas.
Signing is a useful skill that can open up a new world of understanding and enable students to interact with a whole new group of people – the Deaf community. Students will learn the basics of PSL from FESF while also learning about the hearing impaired members of our community.
Students learn taekwondo as a martial art and a sport. They learn self-defence and have an opportunity to participate in competitions.
Students are taught basics of tennis including strokes, rules, scoring, footwork and tennis etiquette and learn to play the game at a competitive level.
Zumba classes are a combination of exercise, social interaction, body fitness and stress management.
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