Admission Form

Information for Candidates

Welcome to Southshore's online application portal. Please carefully review the information provided below prior to completing the online Application for Admission:

  1. The Application for Admission to Southshore can be completed and submitted online using this portal. Candidates also have the option of printing an application form from our website or collecting a hard copy of the application from our campus.
  2. Southshore admits candidates on the basis of their academic achievements, non-academic accomplishments and recommendations. The Admissions Committee reviews all applications and their decisions are final.
  3. Candidates applying for admission should have completed a minimum of five O-Level subjects (excluding Pakistan Studies and Islamiat) with grades of "C" or better for consideration. Meeting the minimum criteria is not a guarantee of admission but serves as a guideline for applications. Having appeared for an O-Level examination in a particular subject does not guarantee the right of admittance to the A-Level course for that subject.
  4. In addition to the Application for Admission (online or hard copy), candidates must submit the following supporting documents to complete their Southshore application in order to be considered for admission:
    1. Official school transcripts for classes 9, 10 and 11
    2. Official O-Level grades previously taken (e.g. Pakistan Studies/Islamiat)
    3. Projected O-Level grades for upcoming exams via the Expected Grade Form*
    4. Recommendation from the Principal of their former school*
    5. Teacher recommendation(s)*
    6. Bill clearance from their former school
    7. Copies of certificates for academic and non-academic honours and awards (certified by their former school or other appropriate authority)
    8. Five passport size colour photographs
    * Available for download on our website or in hard copy at our campus
  5. Candidates bear full responsibility for ensuring that their application and supporting documents are complete and submitted in a timely fashion. An application for admission will not be considered until all required documentation has been submitted. Please be advised that candidates applying later in the admissions period may be limited in their subject choice.
  6. Southshore requires official CIE O-Level results to be submitted to the Admissions Office within seven days of release to the candidate. Any significant variances from the projected grades will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Southshore reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission or modify subject choices if a student has not performed satisfactorily in their O-Level examinations.
  7. All information submitted by the student during the application process must be accurate and complete. Southshore reserves the right to revoke admission or enrollment should any false, inaccurate or omitted information be discovered at any time during a student’s enrollment in the A-Level program.
  8. All Southshore students are required to take English (General) and a minimum of three / maximum of four other A-Level subjects. All subject choices are reviewed and approved by the Admissions Committee but subject choices are finalized after actual CIE O-Level results have been submitted.
  9. Southshore students are strictly prohibited from appearing for additional subjects, privately or through Southshore, without prior written permission from the Principal. Southshore may grant permission for other examinations after a review of the student’s request which must be submitted well in advance of undertaking any additional course of study. In the event that permission is granted, this does not exempt the student from internal examinations or attendance requirements at Southshore.
  10. At Southshore, the University of Cambridge AS-Level examinations are taken at the conclusion of first year and the A-Level examinations are taken at the conclusion of second year.

Application for Admission

Name of Sibling
Current School, College, University or Occupation

Please list your top five extracurricular activities, interests or hobbies in order of their importance to you. Indicate which school year(s) you participated in a particular activity; what honours, awards or positions you held; and whether you plan on continuing those activities during your time at Southshore.

Honours, Awards, Positions Held
Continue at SS?

Please provide a complete educational history, beginning with your current school and progressing in reverse chronological order. Official transcripts or report cards are required from all schools where you attended Classes 9, 10 and 11.

Name of School
Dates of Enrolment

Which A-Level subjects do you wish to take at Southshore? You must take a minimum of three subjects in addition to English (General), which is compulsory for all enrolled students. A maximum of 4 subjects is allowed in addition to English (General). Please also list at least one alternative subject.

Prefered A-Level Subjects:

Alternative Subjects:

Please ensure that you have submitted all official transcripts, recommendations and other supporting documents from your prior school(s) with your completed appliction. Incomplete applications will result in a delayed admissions review.