Mufty Day Returns!

Mufty Day Returns!

This term’s Mufty Day was combined with a Bake Sale: double the funds and double the fun!

As per tradition, students in uniform paid Rs. 200, while those dressed in casual clothes paid Rs. 100 at the school gate to enter Mufty Day. The Titans organized a Bake Sale to go with the crazy-themed Mufty Day, as well as a few entertaining games. With a mouth watering array of treats ranging from the Southshore standard spicy chicken biryani to scrumptious lasagna, and red velvet cupcakes to donuts, throngs of students, faculty and staff waited in line to get their food fix! The crazy costumes donned by some students lent lots of color to the event, which lasted all day long. We can safely say that this Mufty Day was extremely successful, raising over Rs. 50,000 for charity in just a few hours!

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