Graduation 2015: Au Revoir, Titans!

Graduation 2015: Au Revoir, Titans!

As the Class of 2015 followed the faculty procession at the Graduation Ceremony held on 17th April 2015, there was not a dry eye to be found in the hall.

Proud parents and teachers looked on at the young men and women who were at the end of their two-year journey at Southshore, now bound for university, where we know they’ll accomplish fantastic things! After a welcome address by the Principal and a member of the Board of Directors, students’ names were called out for them to come receive their individual graduation shields from a Board member. Faculty members who had completed ten years of service to Southshore – Mr. Kamran Khan, Mrs. Farzana Junaid, and Mr. Hanif Ghanchi – were called on stage and their invaluable contributions to the school were recognized. Subsequently, selected A1s and A2s were honored by special academic and named awards to mark their outstanding accomplishments and commitment to success. Finally, as the Class of 2015 threw their caps in the air, the Graduation Ceremony came to a close.

We are pleased to announce the award recipients at Graduation 2015:

Tenure Awards
1. Mohammad Hanif Ghanchi – Accounting Faculty
2. Mohammad Kamran Khan – Mathematics Faculty
3. Farzana Junaid – English Faculty
4. Kamran Khan – Assistant Manager, Administration

Academic Awards
1. Accounting – Syed Muhammad Haider Mustafa & Amir Murad
2. Art – Alina Khawaja
3. Biology – Mohammad Omar Saeeduddin
4. Business Studies – Fallah Jawed, Sara Arai Syed & Sheharyar Baber
5. Chemistry – Adil Ali Aziz
6. English General – Muhammad Saad Maqsood, Anas Mehmood Gaad & Mahwish Hashmi
7. Economics– Fallah Jawed, Syeda Simrah Ali & Balaj Ali
8. History – Bakhtawar Jamil
9. Law – Zoya Saad
10. Mathematics – Syed Muhammad Haider Mustafa & Amir Murad
11. Physics – Sayyeda Anooshay Azhar & Farhan Saeed
12. Psychology – Syeda Simrah Ali & Sara Arai Syed
13. Sociology – Behzad Ahmed Ghias
14. Urdu – A1 – Ahsan Asif
15. Urdu – A2 – Hasan Hanif Shabu
16. Highest Attendance – A1 – Usama Siddiqui & Abdul Ahad Brohi
17. Highest Attendance – A2 – Amir Murad

Named Awards
1. Faiz Ahmed Faiz – Asad Javed
2. Albert Einstein – Maliha Arshad & Muhammad Saif Ali
3. Graham Layton – Sheza Asghar & Shabd Saran
4. Dr. Ruth Pfau – Farishtay Saeed Kureshi
5. Dr. Adib Rizvi – Mishael Qadeer & Ammara Ahmed Bawany
6. Sadequain – Alina Khawaja
7. Charles Darwin – Sayyeda Anooshay Azhar & Farhan Saeed
8. Hasan Aly Effendi – Syed Muhammad Masood Zaidi & Sara Arai Syed
9. Mother Teresa– Muneeb Ahmed & Aaya Qureshi
10. A.H. Kardar – Ahmed Ayhan Moosa

Sports Awards
1. Rowing – Muhammad Umer Noor
2. Cricket – Muhammad Zeeshan Tanveer
3. Football – Ahmad Shahmir

Special Awards 
1. Student Affairs Award– Coach Iftikhar Ahmed and the Southshore Titans Cricket Team
2. Counselors Award– Alyzeh Hyder Rizvi
3. Southshore Faculty Award– Amir Murad & Sara Arai Syed
3. Principal’s Award¬– Syed Muhammad Haider Mustafa
4. School Spirit Award¬– Ahmed Ayhan Moosa

Click on the thumbnails below to view images of the event:

Graduation-1 Graduation-2 Graduation-3 Graduation-4 Graduation-5 Graduation-6 Graduation-7 Graduation-8 Graduation-9 Graduation-10 Graduation-11 Graduation-12 Graduation-13 Graduation-14 Graduation-15 Tenure-Award---Hanif-Ghanch Tenure---Graduation---Farza Tenure---Graduation---KK Tenure---Graduation---KKhan


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