Farewell 2014: Red Carpet Glam!

Farewell 2014: Red Carpet Glam!

This year’s Farewell was set in Hollywood – the home of the biggest stars!

From the red carpet at the entrance to the filmstrip backdrop on stage, the Farewell for the Class of 2014 saw students dressed to the nines, inspired by the glamour and glitter of their favourite movie stars. To kick off the celebrations, there was a rocking dance performance by the A1s, which was encored at the end of the night! As always, the titles for the graduating class were received with applause and laughter, and Maliha Arshad and Waleed Amir’s rendition of the song Breakaway captivated the audience. For the first time, Southshore presented a Student Affairs Award, for the A2 student who had displayed unmatched commitment and provided invaluable services to Southshore. The award went to Nehal Ahmed. The second inaugural award was the Counselors’ Award, presented to Mohammad Hammad Aslam, for making a sizable contribution to wider society, in addition to displaying strength of character and being a well-rounded student. The fun-filled evening ended on a bittersweet note, with students wishing each other well and bidding their favourite teachers, staff members and counselors farewell. All the best to the Class of 2014 – God speed!

View images of the Farewell below:

Boys Encore Hosts Desi Boys Last Dance Student Affairs Award Dance Encore Class of 2014 Prom King and Queen Counselors Award Ms. Khalida, Ms. Salma and Ms. Samya Ms Farzana, Ms. Lubna and Ms. Kanwal

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