Bye Bye Winter: Bonfire 2015

Bye Bye Winter: Bonfire 2015

The Titans bid adieu to the fleeting Karachi winter Southshore-style, with the fun-filled Annual Bonfire!

With a merry bonfire as the basketball court’s crowning glory, Friday, March 20th saw the Southshore students dressed in their best enter the school gates for a night of fun and dancing. With the deejay playing everyone’s favourite tunes, there was a throng of students on the dance floor, while others took ‘selfies’ and exchanged news and views. With all the dancing building up hearty appetites, the scrumptious barbeque was a sight for sore eyes! Finally, following a performance by the President of the Student Council, the night ended with the traditional Southshore chant – and yes, everyone was sure! Southshore!

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Bonfire1 Bonfire2 Bonfire3 Bonfire4 Bonfire5 Bonfire6 Bonfire7 Bonfire8 Bonfire9 Bonfire10 Bonfire11 Bonfire12 Bonfire13 Bonfire14

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