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At Southshore, we believe in a holistic approach to A-Level education. The Programme of Studies at Southshore is a comprehensive educational experience, comprised of the A-Level curriculum, Learning Modules, foreign languages and co-curricular activities, including sports, student government, community service and the arts.

We are proud to boast a strong tenured faculty of A-Level teachers, with many leading names in A-Level education, Learning Module instructors who are widely recognized professionals in their fields of expertise and dedicated counselors to guide students through the challenges of the A-Level curriculum and the university admissions process. We believe successful learning comes from active engagement between students and teachers and class sizes are strictly limited to allow such interaction to flourish. The average class size is 25 students and we have a student to teacher ratio of approximately 13 to 1.

Our ability to provide a multi-faceted education is greatly supported by our custom-built campus. Students can hone their academics in the Study Hall or Library, practice their athletic skills on our basketball court, hold society meetings in the Conference Room, conduct research for class projects in our Computer Lab or take a needed break to socialize with friends in the popular Common Room or the new Recreation Room.

Southshore’s goal is to provide its students with a rigorous academic curriculum supported by a variety of structured learning experiences. The Southshore programme is designed to prepare students for success in institutions of higher education and the ability to make a positive contribution to the society they live in. Our efforts have already proven successful, as the members of one graduating class after another have secured admissions to top ranked institutions for higher education in Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada and other locations worldwide.

Southshore has an experienced and dedicated A-Level faculty for all its subjects so prospective students can rest assured when applying for either discipline. As with most A-Level schools, Southshore has a larger proportion of students choosing the social sciences and humanities but science students will have the additional advantage of even smaller class sizes and individual attention from teachers. For more information, please see the Faculty section of the website.
Southshore places great importance on academic excellence but recognizes that this alone will not adequately prepare students for their future educational and professional endeavors. Our goal is to provide a rigorous academic curriculum, supported by a variety of structured learning experiences, whether this is through formal educational programmes like the Learning Modules and internships or through practical learning by participation in sports and extracurricular activities. Our programme prepares students for success in institutions of higher education and teaches students to make valuable contributions to the wider society in which they live.
Your education has the highest priority at Southshore, but we also place a great deal of emphasis on educating the whole individual, focusing on personal growth, interpersonal skills, sense of responsibility and accountability. So yes, there are several rules to be followed to ensure that students gain the most from this wonderful learning community, academically but also in many other ways.

We believe that hard work should be supported by participation in social and co-curricular activities. Southshore strives to provide supervised social and extracurricular activities in the safety of a school setting to encourage our students to bond with their classmates through positive social experiences, whether that be a day at the beach with students and staff, painting a mural at a school for special-needs children or healthy competition through athletics, music and theatre. We understand that all A-Level students will want to have an active social life to complement their academic achievements and we are happy to provide a healthy, safe environment for them to flourish socially.

However, talk to Southshore students and they understand the need for rules and guidelines, but are not overburdened by them. Out of respect for students, there is always a reason for the existence of a particular rule. Respectful discussion about these rules and guidelines between students and the administration is encouraged, even though it may not result in any changes. For example, due to a productive and extensive dialogue with students, Southshore allowed mobile phones on campus from the 2010-11 academic year for the first time in our history, modifying a rule that virtually every Southshore student wanted to change.

Southshore students will tell you that their parents are called for an explanation when they do not come to school, class attendance is a serious matter, bunking is non-existent, misbehavior with any member of the Southshore community is not tolerated, constant communication exists with parents about student performance and all students are expected to behave with integrity and maturity. All this while we treat our students like adults, giving them freedom, respect and responsibility balanced with guidance, accountability and growth. And yes, we do encourage young people to play hard, but study harder!!

We encourage all our students to retain the individuality that makes them the wonderful young people that Southshore is proud of but there are fundamental similarities in all members of our community, including:

1. A basic desire to work hard, have goals and succeed
2. Be a positive, contributing member of a learning community
3. Show respect for their peers, teachers and the school
4. Take active part in the school community and the community at large
5. Represent themselves and Southshore with dignity

Prospective students can collect an application form and literature about the school from the school office or download the same from the website. As part of the application package, a prospective student must submit the following:

1. Application form
2. Principal’s recommendation
3. Teacher’s recommendation
4. Official school transcripts for 9th – 11th grade (including mock results, once available)
5. Expected Grade Form
6. Subject Preference Form
7. Other documents that students believe support their application
8. Official O-Level results, certified by your O-Level school (as soon as available)

The best time to apply to Southshore is whenever YOU are ready. Admissions open on November 1st and we have a very simple admissions process that allows you to apply before or after the results are available. Based on the information that you provide to the Admissions Committee, a decision will be made on your application within two weeks.

The advantage to applying early, before your O-Level results arrive in August, is that there is a possibility of being accepted and completing the usually stressful A-Level admission process! If you are accepted early, there is also less chance that you will not be able to get all the subjects that you request. Even though Southshore does not have subject groups that limit your choices, once classes start filling up, we are not always able to accommodate all subject requests from our applicants. If you are not accepted early, in most cases, you are deferred for consideration after your results arrive.

Southshore makes admission decisions on a case-by-case basis, taking into account academic performance, extracurricular activities, behavior and so on. We do not publish minimum grade requirements but do have the following requirements for certain A-Level subjects:

1. “B” minimum in O-Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Principles of Accounts to continue that subject at the A-Level. A student must have taken these subjects at O-Levels to continue them in A-Levels. However, starting from August 2013, Southshore has been offering a section of Accounts for those students who did not take Principles of Accounts in O-Levels but wish to pursue it at the A-Level OR were unable to score well in the subject at the O-Level.
2. Good performance in O-Level Mathematics and English Language to take A-Level Business Studies or Economics. Students may take social sciences or humanities subjects at A-Levels without having done them at O-Levels, after consideration of their English Language grade.

In July 2012, Southshore introduced the Board of Directors Scholarships. These scholarships will be awarded for academic and/or athletic excellence to deserving students who have made outstanding achievements in either or both of these areas. There are a limited number of scholarships available, reserved for exceptional applicants, with the amount awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors. For further information, please refer to the Board of Directors Scholarship document in the Downloads section of the website.

All students at Southshore must take a minimum of three A-Level subjects.
There are no compulsory subjects. At Southshore, a student can choose ANY combination of subjects as long as they meet the requirements for the class. We do not have a block system where students are limited to a few predetermined combinations of subjects.
Learning Modules are an integral part of the Programme of Studies offered at Southshore. They are essential elements of a comprehensive educational experience designed to expand the horizons of our students by exposing them to coursework beyond the usual set of A-Level subjects. Essentially, Learning Modules are elective subjects that are taken in school in subjects not offered at the A-Level.

The Learning Modules allow Southshore students to explore areas of personal interest under the instruction of successful professionals in the particular field. Students are able to gain insight for future educational and career options, interact with the wider community and, in some cases, have the opportunity to publish their work such as photographs, poetry, short stories, essays, research papers and more.

At Southshore, we believe the Learning Modules provide a challenging environment for personal growth, learning and enjoyment. Given our emphasis on a well-rounded education, a student’s achievements through the Learning Modules are recognized and rewarded through Honors Diplomas at graduation and preferential consideration for leadership opportunities, external events, internships and Southshore graduation awards.

Learning Modules run from August to December, once or twice a week on school premises, except for select modules (such as Horse Riding, Rowing and Golf) that take place at off-campus facilities. All students (A1 & A2) may choose to sign up for one Learning Module. Students are selected for participation based on their overall academic performance, level of commitment and ability to meet the requirements of the course. Southshore’s required standards for the Learning Modules and Honours Seminars are the same as those for A-Level courses and final grades awarded in the modules appear on reports and transcripts.

Southshore endeavors to constantly update and enhance its Programme of Studies. Learning Modules that have been offered in the past include Creative Writing, Elements of Design, Film Making, Golf, Horse Riding, Journalism, Leadership Skills, Movement and Expression. Model United Nations, Photography, Poetry, Power Yoga, Public Speaking, Rowing, Current Affairs, Organic Farming, Music and more.. We also offer foreign language courses, which include French, German and Spanish. 

For more information, please see the Programme of Studies section of the website.

Over the past six years, Southshore’s students have consistently surpassed the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) result statistics by a significant margin. The CIE provides a percentage distribution of grades on its website (see below). Compare Southshore’s AS-Level and A-Level results to that CIE distribution and you will find our students consistently and significantly exceed the percentages listed in the A and B grade sections.

What is also very interesting is that Southshore students choose their subjects without having to select from predetermined blocks. Therefore, the subject combinations are diverse and make this level of performance on the CIE examinations all the more impressive.

However, the best measure of our results is the quality of admissions offers to Southshore’s graduates from universities in Pakistan and all over the world. Please review the diverse and impressive list of universities offering admission to Southshore graduates on our website and in our publications.

If you wish to review the CIE result statistics for past years, you may visit the official CIE AS Level and A Level Statistics web page. 


Our counselors work with students to determine the subjects they take for A-Levels, provide academic, personal and college counseling and assist students with whatever else they may need during their time at Southshore. Students may make an appointment to see counselors on any issues ranging from career counseling to personal problems.

Additionally, due to the smaller class sizes, many students find mentors among their teachers who gladly provide guidance, academic support, recommendations for universities and internships as well as a lifelong connection that is invaluable to our alumni.

Applying to college/university is the first critical decision that a young person will make in their lives and our students have the advantage of a wide range of choices available to them. However, the process is an extensive and often daunting one, requiring research, organization and preparation. Based on years of experience, our counseling staff has found that starting this process during their A1 year greatly benefits our students, helping them to narrow down institution choices, enroll for applicable tests (e.g. SAT, TOEFL, local university entrance tests, etc.) and meet the many deadlines set by universities and testing organizations.

Southshore is prepared to provide our students with all the required resources and guidance for the higher education application process. Our counseling staff has extensive knowledge of universities in Pakistan and around the world. Each student is encouraged to go to any member of our counseling staff for help with the application process.

Every Southshore counselor is an experienced professional who has firsthand experience with university studies in the UK, USA, Pakistan and more. Our counselors have either worked abroad, studied abroad or traveled abroad to visit potential universities ensuring that we have current information and are in contact with university admissions professionals. Most have Master’s degrees and have been counseling students for many years whether it is personal, academic or university. Counselors will write recommendations that become a very important part of the university application packet. Parents are also encouraged to meet with counselors as they may have questions about their child’s performance or university applications.

For more information, please visit the Student Counseling section of our website.

About 70% of each graduating class applies abroad to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Malaysia and other countries, with the remainder applying to reputable institutions within Pakistan. Please refer to the extensive list of universities that have offered admission to our graduates and alumni that is available on our website and in our publications.
Most students from Southshore attend the colleges of their choice in Pakistan, UK, USA or Canada. Students have also successfully applied to Australia, Malaysia, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Netherlands, China and more. Students are encouraged to explore university options within Pakistan and beyond so that they can find the best fit for their educational and personal needs. Southshore has become a recognized Pakistani school and we strive to provide updated information about our school, our students and their accomplishments to institutions of higher education worldwide. Our dedicated counselors have been instrumental in helping students consistently secure admission, and sometimes scholarships, at their top choice universities.
Yes. While we do not recommend applying for higher education in A1, we will provide counseling and the required documentation and support for a student to do so. We do not encourage applying for further education opportunities in A1 as students are at a disadvantage when competing against others who have completed their A-Levels or secondary schooling.

Southshore encourages a balance between academics and extracurricular activities, with many options available, including sports, community service, leadership, music, school publications (newspaper, yearbook), debate, drama, Model United Nations, external events (LUMUN, YLES, ISEO) and numerous school-sponsored social activities. Students must have good attendance and maintain a strong academic record to participate in extracurricular activities, especially in external events.
Yes! Southshore has one of the top sports programmes in the city, with strong teams in cricket, football, basketball, rowing, throwball and table tennis. Our teams consistently win trophies in tournaments around the city, while at the same time placing great emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play. Year after year our teams make Southshore proud, not only with their athletic prowess but with the dignity and honor in which they conduct themselves both on and off the field or court.

In 2010, we honor the exceptional achievements of our athletic teams by giving them the name Southshore Titans. Each team will have a specially designed kit that reflects the Titan logo as well as the Southshore colors and logo. Please refer to our website to see how this name was chosen as well as the logic behind the selection.

We also have intramural competitions that involve students who may not play on the school teams or for sports where inter-school tournaments are limited. Each year, we hold tournaments that allow all students to participate in futsal, basketball, rowing and more.

At Graduation, in addition to the usual academic awards, athletic achievement is recognized at the individual and team level. Our students understand what an honor it is to represent their school and are proud to give it their best effort year after year. GO TITANS!

Southshore relocated to its new campus in August 2008. Our purpose-built campus is a wonderful, welcoming building that includes:

1. Spacious, fully air-conditioned classrooms
2. Two science laboratories
3. Art room
4. Library
5. Computer Lab
6. Common Room
7. Recreation Room
8. Conference Room
9. Dedicated counseling offices
10. Accessible administration areas
11. Basketball court and courtyard
12. Canteen

A few years ago the movie “Remember the Titans” was screened at Orientation with a definite plan in mind. We wanted Southshore students to see that unity and mutual respect led to special achievements for young people. The movie illustrated the principles of tolerance, respect and the overcoming of monstrous challenges that were greater than any individual. Most of all, we wanted our students to see that there was no challenge too great, no obstacle that could not be overcome. All it takes is determination, understanding and education.

At that time, Southshore was merely a couple of years old and it would have been presumptuous to call ourselves the Southshore Titans. Over the years, Southshore has grown immensely. Our alumni are now pursuing professional careers, completing undergraduate and graduate degrees, applying for Ph.D. programmes, undertaking research and more. Our graduating class has always enjoyed strong university admissions. Every year Southshore students gain admissions offers to more of the top universities around the world than in the past.

But most important of all, our faculty, alumni and current students show their pride, loyalty and class at every turn of their life. Faculty constantly remark on the respect that they receive from Southshore students and how they conduct themselves in, and outside the classroom. The contribution of our illustrious faculty to the individual growth of our students and their commitment to Southshore is exceptional. What the faculty have shown our students over the years is that hard work carries rewards for today’s grades but also for life beyond Southshore. The fact that many of them stay at Southshore and continue to give us their best is a matter of great pride for us and the main reason why we have grown in size year after year.

Over the years, our students have done selfless work for the underprivileged without any thought of recognition or reward other than their contribution to society. Our alumni have achieved so much after graduation but yet still come back to school with such regularity that it seems that this is still home for them. They never hesitate to walk through the gate on a regular day or attend events in great numbers.

Our sports teams are among the most respected in the Karachi school community, regardless of whether we are winning or losing. The trophy case in the school foyer speaks of their achievements so they do not have to do anything more than step on the playing field with dignity and sportsmanship while giving their best effort at every match.

Nobody is saying that this is a perfect environment, but it is with great pride that we can say that our students know what it means to be a part of this wonderful and ever maturing community. We learn how to be better on a daily basis. To consolidate our strengths and work hard where we need to improve ourselves. What more can anyone ask of the members of this exceptional community?

Now, we can call ourselves the Southshore Titans. There is a certain feeling of class, strength and power that comes with that moniker. Collectively, we have what it takes to become a great community that can aspire to rise to heights that the name “Titans” implies. We are well on our way and there is certainly a feeling of pride among the faculty, students, alumni and administration about the Southshore community, worthy of the name that has been officially adopted by the school in 2010.

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