Student Council

The Student Council provides an opportunity for students to build and utilize their leadership skills and acts as a liaison between students and the school administration.

The process of electing the Student Council begins in March when students from the A1 class are nominated by votes from students, staff and faculty members.

The Student Council is finalized in August after discussions with members of the outgoing Council, a review of AS Level grades, votes from the Southshore community, disciplinary record, involvement in extracurricular activities and performance in all components of the Programme of Studies (A-Level subjects, seminars, Learning Modules).

The Council consists of a President, Vice President, and General Secretary as well as 10-12 council members. All members of the Student Council are expected to uphold school rules in letter and in spirit while serving as positive examples to the rest of the school community.

  • Sameen Zafar (President)
  • Haris Hayat (Vice President)
  • Ensiyah Syed (Vice President)
  • Hamdah Ali Khan (General Secretary)
  • Aqsa Nisar
  • Ebrahim Murtaza Lotia
  • Hammad Khan
  • Maryam Fatima
  • Rida Aslam
  • Shaikh Danial Naseer
  • Syeda Abeera Ahmed
  • Varisha Humayun


The Southshore Student Council (SC) is selected after a rigorous process involving faculty, students, administration and alumni. Selection criteria includes academic prowess and effort, success in Learning Modules, contributions to Southshore, discipline, motivation, attitude, commitment and of course, votes from the entire Southshore community. Beginning late in the spring term, the selection process concludes in mid-August after A/S Level results arrive.

The entire Southshore community nominates potential SC members by ballot. Each vote carries points which help to identify the initial group of candidates. There are different point values assigned to each category of votes, with faculty votes having the highest value. Votes are tabulated over the summer and a list of SC candidates is developed based on the point totals earned.

This initial list is then reviewed in context of the A/S Level grades that arrive in August. A minimum grade standard is established and candidates who fall below that level cannot proceed forward in the process. Additionally, any potential candidate with discipline issues is also eliminated at this point. However, anyone who has achieved outstanding results, but is not on the initial list, is considered for inclusion in the process.

Now comes the hardest part of the process!

1Each candidate invited for an interview must complete an extensive questionnaire that explores a wide variety of issues including their motivation for being on the SC, contributions to the Southshore community and more. The forms are forwarded to the members of the selection committee who use these, and the candidates’ essay, during the interview process and later discussions.

2Every candidate is interviewed.  Students can expect a challenging interview that explores many facets of their ability to serve on the SC.  It is up to the student to impress the interviewer with their honesty, commitment and more!

Being appointed a member of Student Council is one of the greatest acknowledgements that Southshore bestows on its students. It signifies recognition of a student’s academic achievements, school spirit and contributions to the Southshore community.
Of course, there is always the immense honour of having your name added permanently in gilded gold letters to the Student Council plaques on the wall outside the Principal’s Office!
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