Our Policies

Additional detail on all Southshore policies can be found in the Student Handbook.
Southshore students must adhere to the school’s Code of Conduct at all times. Simply being away from the school campus does not absolve students from the expectation that they represent Southshore in a positive manner within the larger community.

Southshore students are expected to:

  • Demonstrate courtesy
  • Behave in a responsible manner
  • Attend all classes regularly and on time
  • Comply with all academic, attendance and discipline requirements
  • Be well-groomed and dressed appropriately
  • Obey all rules & regulations
  • Respect the rights and privileges of students, faculty, and staff
  • Respect the property of others, including school property and facilities
  • Cooperate with and assist the school staff in maintaining safety, order, and discipline
  • Be a positive member of society, with appropriate conduct both on campus and outside school

School is in regular session from 8.00 a.m. to 2.20 p.m. Exceptions include seminars, Learning Modules, science labs and certain classes which run beyond 2.20 p.m. Students are required to obtain their specific timetable at the beginning of each term and adhere to the timings.

Students may enter school at either 8.00 am, 9.00 am or 10.00 am depending on their class schedule. Students must clearly display their ID cards on entering school premises. Any student arriving late will be sent home.

Students cannot leave the campus between classes. The school gate will close at 8.00 a.m. for 30 minutes. Students may go home at the conclusion of their classes. A student may not leave campus before all of his/her classes are complete. Once a student leaves campus, he/she will not be allowed to return for classes until the next school day.

Southshore is extremely strict about its attendance policy. Students will not be allowed to re-appear for tests or graded assignments missed due to absence from school. Students coming late to class will be marked ‘late’; coming late three times will be treated as one day’s absence.


  • Students who are absent from class for more than 5 days in each term will receive an ‘X’ grade on their transcript and may not be allowed to sit for the school exam in that particular subject.



  • If a student is absent from class for more than 15 days in the first term, they may not be allowed to return to school.
  • If a student is absent from class for more than 15 days in the second term, their Statement of Entry will be withheld.

Attendance is monitored on a monthly basis and attendance reports, for students failing to meet the attendance requirement, are provided to parents periodically throughout the year. Students who do not maintain the minimum required attendance may be asked to drop the subject.

A leave application, signed by a parent, is to be submitted to the school office at least 1 week prior to a planned absence. The school must be notified immediately if a student is absent from school due to illness or an emergency.

Students who continually fail to meet the school’s academic, attendance or conduct requirements, may be expelled for violations of the school behaviour code. All expulsions will be approved by the Board of Directors of Southshore. A student who has been suspended three times may be expelled.

Students must be in full school uniform when coming to campus for any purpose, unless specified otherwise.

Smoking in or around school premises, use of foul language, involvement in physical altercations and inappropriate physical contact between students is strictly prohibited. Any physical altercation will result in an automatic two-day suspension for all involved parties.

Students who are not of the legal driving age and who are not in possession of a valid driving license are not allowed to drive to school or to school related events. Car keys will be confiscated and held in the school office until a parent collects them.

Any object that is considered inappropriate at school will be confiscated.

To maintain discipline and track students’ academic and behavioural progress, a Student Monitoring Report may be filled out by faculty or staff, as and when needed, to monitor and evaluate each student’s academic and behavioural progress. The Student Monitoring Report is part of the Student Development System, which identifies and tracks each student’s academic, extracurricular and personal strengths and weaknesses. Through one-on-one counseling, the aim is to guide and motivate students to actualize their potential.

Southshore places great emphasis on the day-to-day academic progress of students. This is monitored through regular class assignments, home assignments, tests and project work. At least two tests are administered per term in each subject and test reports are sent home for parents to review and take appropriate action.

A2 students can expect to receive test reports at the beginning of October, November and March while A1 students receive test reports at the beginning of November and March each academic year.

Tests administered during the term are added up towards a student’s final grade comprising of 50% term grade and 50% exam grades. Individual teachers determine the weightage given to tests, quizzes, and other assigments as part of the term grades.

End of Term transcripts will be issued once for each term in January and April. These will be delivered directly to a student’s home address by courier.

Students must maintain and pass a minimum course load of 3 A-Level subjects. Regular attendance is required in all subjects. An Honours Diploma may be awarded for extraordinary academic performance and successful completion of at least two seminars or Learning Modules.
Southshore students are registered for CIE AS- and A-Level examinations in the May-June session of each academic year. Students will be registered for all subjects they are taking in school, conditional to faculty approval. A student requires the Principal’s approval to take subjects privately and may register through the school for pre-approved private subjects.

Students may not register for any CIE examinations in the November sessions, through the school or privately, without written consent from the appropriate Faculty member AND the Principal. Registering privately for an exam may result in disciplinary action by the school. Further, results achieved in unapproved examinations will not be combined with future CIE registrations and will not be attested by Southshore.

Students not meeting the school’s minimum academic or attendance requirements may not be registered through the school for their AS- or A-Level examinations. The school shall notify parents and students in case of any such eventuality.

All Southshore students will be issued school ID cards which should be carried at all times while on campus. Unattended bags will be confiscated and are subject to search. Any inappropriate material found will not be returned to the student and could lead to further disciplinary repercussions. No private security personnel are permitted within the school premises.
Students are responsible for all valuable personal property they bring to school, including but not limited to mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras and personal computers. The school will not be held responsible if any valuable personal property is lost or stolen.
Fees are to be paid on a quarterly basis: Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar and Apr-Jun. The school may refuse to register a student for CIE examinations or withhold the Statement of Entry and/or examination results until all school dues are cleared.
All official announcements are posted on the school bulletin board. Students are encouraged to review the board regularly for school related notices. Other important announcements (such as unscheduled school holidays) will be posted on the school website and Facebook page. Students are advised to check the website and Facebook regularly. Important announcements may also be sent via SMS alerts to students or parents. Please ensure that the school office is kept informed of any changes to students’ and parents’ mobile phone numbers. Additionally, parents and students can receive important Southshore updates on any mobile phone by texting “southshore info” to 2030.
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