• 14 Apr
    Please view important information about the Spring Revision Programme and Office Hours in our Latest Events section.
  • 31 Jan
    Admissions for the Class of 2017 are officially open. Interested students are encouraged to apply online or in person at the Southshore school office.
  • 31 Jan
    The A2 admissions process to Southshore requires submission of the application form with supporting documents. Students with good A/S Level grades may be considered for a limited number of Board of Directors Academic Scholarships.
  • 31 Mar
    In the event that the school landlines are out of order, you can reach the school office on 0306 234 7214 & 0312 337 2282. Or SMS “southshore info” to 2030 from any mobile phone to receive latest updates.

Latest Events


Rang Barsay!

As per tradition, this year’s Senior Day saw the graduating...

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CIE May/June Examinations

Subject codes and timetable for students appearing for GCE AS-Level...

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Revision Programme and Office Hours: Spring 2015

Southshore faculty will be available to assist students after the...

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Bye Bye Winter: Bonfire 2015

The Titans bid adieu to the fleeting Karachi winter Southshore-style,...

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Blood Drive 2015

The Titans collaborated with the Indus Hospital for Southshore’s 2nd...

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Mufty Day Returns!

This term’s Mufty Day was combined with a Bake Sale:...

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