• 22 Aug
    The Southshore Office will be open tomorrow, Saturday Aug 23rd from 9am till 2pm.
  • 15 Aug
    Please see the Latest Events section for important information regarding registration and timetables for the CIE A Level and A/S Level October/November examination session.
  • 08 Aug
    The A2 admissions process to Southshore requires submission of the application form with supporting documents. Students with good A/S Level grades may be considered for a limited number of Board of Directors Academic Scholarships.
  • 01 Feb
    Admissions for the Class of 2016 are open. Please visit our campus or see the Admissions section of the website for further details.
  • 31 Mar
    In the event that the school landlines are out of order, you can reach the school office on 0306 234 7214 & 0312 337 2282. Or SMS “southshore info” to 2030 from any mobile phone to receive latest updates.

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